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Buying A Private Number Plate

It is no longer used by the rich or famous, but anyone and the reason being is the way private number plates give the owners car a distinctive and unique mark. If you are looking forward to buying private number plates, there are many to choose from, and if you are looking for inspiration to have one made for you, you can search online for ideas.

This fee is also charged when you decide to transfer the registration from vehicle to vehicle. Applications for a private number plate can be made by post however a better option is to apply in person at your local DVLA where the transfers are completed.In return you will receive an updated tax disc and MOT showing your new registration number.

A common misconception that people have when buying private number plates is that you are just buying the plastic number plates which go on the car. One you can transfer the number plate to another vehicle that you own, and secondly, you can transfer the registration number onto a V778 Certificate of Entitlement.

Holding a car registration on a Certificate of Entitlement means that you can retain the rights to the registration number without it being assigned to a vehicle. The first way you can sell your registration number is by selling the vehicle with the car registered still assigned.After selling you will then have to have the buyer’s name added as a nominee if they wish to assign it to their vehicle.

Once sold the number plate can be transferred vehicle to vehicle via the DVLA protocol.Now that private number plates can be sold and bought people have started making money with the private number plates.

If they can buy them at the right prices, then these registrations can get them massive returns on investment when sold to buyers looking for unique and perfect plates.Like any other good deal, the profit of the sale of the private plate is made in the purchase price, therefore, buying cheap number plates below market value can increase the chances of making a good return.

But one of the best places to grab private number plates deal is at a DVLA auction. These auctions see to it that 1500 DVLA registrations are sold to an audience of number plate dealers, collectors and enthusiasts.

The valuations take into account several factors including similar marks on the market, previous selling prices and popularity of the name or initials on the number plate that in the end determine the profit of the sale.

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