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Things To Learn About The Medallion Chips

People know it by different names according to their history. Started by Jimmy Kinnon in the 90’s, the medallion coins are also known as Narcotic Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous. These medallions are used the same way everywhere.They mostly resemble poker chips. each medallion shows another stage that one has reached. you will find these medallions been used in different parts of the world. These distinct tokens are given to those recovering from alcohol by almost anybody.These may include their friends, family or even people from your hometown. by abstaining they show you that they value your effort. they are available in various dimensions and shapes.

One particular medallion called The Sacred heart Medallion was used by Sister Ignatia in Ohio. Before leaving the hospital premises the patients were given these medallions. These showed that one was making the effort of quitting alcohol and believed in God’s existence. the medallion would only be returned to those who were not true to their word. The medallion is only supposed to motivate you to stay sober. One was hopeful that they would triumph in the fight against alcoholism.

There are different types of medallions. Namely; Alcoholic Anonymous tokens, plastic chips, glass pocket gems and much more that are catching the human eye. People are becoming ignorant of the value of others through giving out bullets to those recovering. This makes it easier for the patients to “seek the easy way out” through suicide. Celebrations are welcome, but one has to remember that these people are human beings that need help. The System of the 12 step program was founded to help those recovering and was almost successful.

Men and women come to these groups to open up about their addiction. This initiative helped them have a shoulder to lean on and look forward to another day. It is like having another supportive group where you can trust and confide in other people. There is no group that is asking for money in exchange for membership, this is because the groups just want to uplift their members.Though Many think it may have some secret agendas behind it. Most people may associate it with politics, sects or organization, though it is mostly not the case. Different communities have the chips for various reasons, but mainly it is for empowering people.

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